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venerdì 23 giugno 2017




      Adriano Celentano        


It's a mock english word created in 1976 by Adriano Celentano (Italian Singer) as title of an his famous song.

Svalutation doesn't exist in english dictionary, and not even in the Italian one, but this cannot make this word meaningless.

In the opposite direction, dreams constantly create different scenarios to describe the same word:

 (himself) svalutation

In Italian: svalutazione (o inflazione, se riferita ai prezzi)
In English: devaluation and depreciation (take a look at the difference). Or Inflation (when a price is higher than most prices)

In this post, I will use just Celentano's word: svalutation.

In a lot of dreams we can see how the different characters (what they always personify the dreamer) devalue themselves completing wrong actions. 
They don't thirst for knowledge and not strive to be better.

This way the unconscious is born

The unconscious is the measure of how much we ignore ourselves.
The measure of how much we can devalue ourselves.

svalutation: the discordance among what we imagine to be and as the dream denies us instead.

The symptoms  afflicting our bodies, like certain diseases, represent one of the many phenomenologies that characterize personal svalutation.

I'll explain how this happens and how dreams report it.

In the SuperPost Manifesto Programmatico I  described  nine standards regarding the Audit Onirico (Oneric Audit or Dreamlike Audit).

SVALUTATION is the tenth standard.
You can use this standard in pathological cases.
When instead the person is living a creative phase, then the svalutation changes of sign and becomes self-reappraisal, as I have explained in the post Marygold.

I will explain some ways toward which a human being devalues itself. Some of these are deceitful indeed.

I start with an argument I have never discussed, a special kind of:


which is a deadly trap, especially against valuable people.

A kind of friendship that makes you mediocre, worse of those bogus friends on Facebook, where you can see a lot of people drawned in the fake-friends sea.

Friendship Svalutation 

Very often, when I talk to someone who knows I'm reading dreams, the talk is about this topic.

Among all those I meet, many of them, have their own theory based by hearsay ... And, when they start to pick up line, I try to tear away by yawning.

Sometimes, when I'm with a group, someone tries to tell me a dream ...

To stop them I tell him: strip naked and then tell me about your dream!

Why?!  He asks me.

Because, if I'll listen to your dream, you will tell me everything about you, even the most intimate and unconscious secrets. Even those you do not know to know.
You'll bare yourself all.
Strip down and then tell your dream.

I will explain it to you, however, you will pay dinner to all those who have listened to you, including me, that I will want great champagne.

By doing so, I prevent the contact of the friendly svalutation.

The dream is like a top secret document and if someone asks me to decode it, I can't do it for free. Not even if my mother, my brother or a friend, asks me.

The great Gurdjeff, when someone asked him for advice, said, "Put $100 on the table and then I'll listen ".
In the early twentieth century, $ 100 was really a lot of money.

All I need is just champagne.

Remember: no champagne, no dream explanation ;-)

There are also those who write to me privately, asking me to read the news of a dream. Sometimes, the news are not good at all, and I despite putting much sugar, but they still remain bitter.

Now I want to make a brief reference to two other types of svalutation.

First Svalutation kind.

It happens when, for example, after listening to a professional opinion, we make superficial comments accompanied by the usual stupid smirk. Or when we enter a sterile debate, as if we were in a court, sitting on the defense attorney's chair.
Here's an example.

Dreamer wrote:
Puo' accadere che un sogno faccia una foto esatta della situazione e dia una soluzione esatta, che pero' sia valida solo teoreticamente, ma sia una soluzione che creerebbe ulteriori ed imprevedibili problemi per il soggetto?
Cioe', puo' accadere che un sogno non prenda in considerazione un contesto a cui non e' interessato, ma che esiste? 

Is it possible that a dream shows a precise scenario of the situation and gives an exact solution, only theoretically valid,  that however gives a solution that would create further and unpredictable problems for the subject?
That is, can it happen that a dream does not take into account a context he is not interested in, but which exists?

The self-defense claptrap goes on for long time and finally ends:
...Potrebbe essere un tipico caso dove il sogno sia cosi' diretto ad un punto particolare, e disinteressato alle meschine beghe umane che dia una soluzione non esattamente auspicabile? 

..Might it be a typical case where the dream is so directed at a particular point, and disinterested in the bitter human beings that gives a not exactly desirable solution ?

Dreamer is suffering from an evil that is taking it to the grave, named myeloma. Dreams paint it as terminal svalutation  and suggest a radical change solution: abandoning the home where, comfortably, he lives on the partner's dime.

Is the dream solution desirable? Not for sure.
Is the dream solution  effective??

What do dreams show?
Just one.
Vedo Luisa, sappiamo tutti e due che morira'. Sta andando via per le vacanze, e cerchiamo di stare insieme il piu' possibile. Ma e' ora di andare, non ci posso credere che non la vedro' piu'. Mi viene da piangere.

I see Luisa, we both know that she will die. He's going to vacation, and we're trying to get together as much as possible. But now it's time to go, I can not believe I will not see more. I feel like crying.

Who is Luisa?
She died of cancer last year, 56 old.

Is the dreamer Luisa?

The other dreams show solution, seeing the wrong behavior involving also private aspects of eroticism  badly practiced, but are too intimate to be published.

Second Svalutation Kind

It happens when the dreamer doesn't want to change and continues in his suffering by blaming the professionals who tried to help him.
A common occurence is more frequent than you can believe.

In this case the professional must to pay close attention to own dreams, where he will inevitably meet his patient in dangerous situations. Dreaming, for example, to be dragged underwater by his client because he cannot swim.

 Friendship Svalutation - Special Type

We are now at the focal point of the discussion, dealing with a very special type of friendly svalutation to which I have already devoted four posts.
I hope end user finally understands and got to start doing all the things he has never done.

What's the matter?

In witch way you choose your friends

Let's apply the standard n.1 and n.2 (relational principle and utilitarian criterion).

We are not all the same. In dreams, when some people appear, the first thing we have to do is to evaluate the usefulness of the relationship between me and the people I meet in  dream.

If my dream shows me to be traveling on the train with someone, for example, my friends, it means that I'm on a planned path that I don't have the power to change. The train moves on the rails and can't deviate from its path. 

A lot of unhappy couples dream to travel by train that never stops, without any chance of getting off. 

A lady dreamed herself getting on the train with some friends and at the end they descended into a desolate place, with yellow lightbulbs.

In another dream, at the end of the trip, she cames with her friends to the Sahara with the Sphinx in front.
What Sphinx means?
We apply the biological criterion of the fourth standard.
Is Sphinx a living entity?
Not, of course.
Ancient Egyptians used the sphinxes as guardians to their tombs.

In this dream, the Sphinx represents the dominant maternal complex, common to all travel friends, including the dreamer.
Right now the dreamer is in a state of subjection to the Sphinx-mother, old, sick and tyrannical, who claims a streching attention from her children.

Like home, so the trip.

There is nothing else to explain in these two dreams.
Because dream always refers to an happening-now event (third standard: time criterion), you have just to find an excuse and cancel the trip, or get away from people shown by the dream.

Why dreams show these two scenarios?
It happens because the lady has started a very different journey, which has as a matter of course the knowledge of herself. A journey to get out of the labyrinth of her recursive and depressive thoughts.
His friends, instead, have not yet embarked on the journey into their inner universe.

The first person the lady will meet from the road will be someone who has her own name: "Me".
Lonely traveler along  her soul dephts, without a backward glance.

If your life changes, then you have to find new friends.

Another Situation

Suppose you have a friend you've known for twenty years; for seventeen years you shared a part of your life with him as a traveling companion. You know it's a little bit worn, but when the little ice sheet melts to the friendship's heat, he will be ok for you.
Then something happened, and he began to take another road, captured by other interests, which at first sight could be the occasion for new encounters, but which, over time, turned out to be negative tools for personal devaluation.

Today he is in a swinging situation that puts him in an ambivalence of life. On the one hand he needs help to get out of a serious illness that might put him out of the game. On the other hand, he still has no determination to leave the family environment and move away from friendships that make his life mediocre.
To avoid turning unnecessarily, by making too many chats, let's see what his dreams say.

Two fragments of dream are enough to understand the situation. When the problem is serious the dream is like a hologram: every part of it always represents the whole.
Like  blood drop.

First dream's  drop: I am in my home with my dead grandma, my mother and my sister ...
When there is a dead in dreams, you must be careful because there is a violation of the biological principle of life (Standard n.4).

The dream represents the generational reincarnation of the dominant maternal complex (like the previous Sphinx), placing the dreamer in a subordinate position towards female figures. The choice of a potential partner will be affected by this complex.
Grandmother, mother and sister  never worked and lived, especially grandmother and mother, being kepts by their husbands.

The dreamer will be induced to choose losers as partner, beneath him. This affective relationship tends to level the couple according to the lowest value between them.
The dream, through the images, implicitly asks: what utility for you with certain people?

Second dream's drop: I'm driving my car and I'm moving to Solycar City ...
In this small town there is an old gentleman who knows how to read dreams (he is also my dear friend and I learned a lot from him).

The dream says that it's the way to go. In fact, the dreamer is driving the car alone, he's the master of the situation.

In the past he spent many days together with that old gentleman who taught him the power of the images produced by our minds. Together, they climbed the mountains, walked in the small river, collected mushrooms and made jams.
They talked about dreams.

This is the right way.

But the dreamer has not traveled yet this road and will not be able to walk it until he learns how to choose good partners and friends.
First, it's necessary to get out of the mediocre friendship.

Once, the old gentleman said to him:
"We've known for so long but you've never been here with a friend. Have you ever talked to your friends about things we do? Have you ever talked to them about dreams?"

- Yes I talked to them, but they do not believe it. These things do not interest them.

friendly svalutation

If he had not known that old gentleman, nothing would have happened. He would continue to live like everyone else.

But when he enters a different dimension of existence, perhaps superior as knowledge, the return ticket costs him 100 times more than the previous one.
A ticket that, in this case, he pays with his life.
The old-gentleman is waiting to his friend. Let's hope he gets in time.

Further PROOF
I tried to teach dreams to several people. Many have followed me, but few have had the courage to continue. Sometimes I meet someone who left. Just he sees me, he lowers his head and, abashed, he looks away elsewhere.

Some of them also wrote to me admitting to living a hellish life but not being able to change it.
What about their dreams?

A few years ago something happened and left a mark on my heart.
I went to the bank to make an accounting transaction. I take the ticket and put myself in line. When was my turn I proceed to the desk and I saw in front of me, as operator, a pretty lady. She began to look at me as if she knew me, but I do not recruit her at all. She followed observing me...I saw silent tears coming down from his eyes.

Then he tells me:
- Dott. Bernabei, aren't you?
I said yes with my head.

- Do you remember when you taught us on the psychic field, where our mind creates dreams?
What good things i've heard then, and now how much I miss.

Then she went on to tell, not caring about waiting people ...

That time I was really moved and I left without completing the banking operation.

What could we do with dreams?

Dear friends,
there are many ways of interpreting dreams.
Freud belongs to prehistory.
Many studies are done about dreams, especially in U.S.

Me, as systemist, i'm trying a new way of reading them, using a NON PSYCHOLOGICAL model, based on international ISO certification standards.
Many people say that psychology is not a science because is fragmented into hundreds of currents.
I agree with this criticism.
To read the processes of the human mind we need special software that has been installed for thousands of years in our nervous system.
This operating system communicates through dreams.

As I.T. specialist I would appeal to  anyone who is fair-minded and prepared to develop a project that aims to studyng dreams by the computer science.

isn't an english word: it derives from the latin verb cum-puto to indicate the ability to know how our mind  thinks consistently and effectively. A quality of the human being.
Dreams have this quality: instantaneous processing times, belonging to the intuitive one.

We take advantage of this infinite and free processing ability.

Hardware, Software...


If somebody offers to you an amazing opportunity
but you are not sure you can do it then ask to the dream


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